One week later: Farewell, Debs and Errol

I still remember how I discovered this certain geek band called Debs and Errol: it was a November, the November of 2012 to be exact, and I was on the NaNoWriMo website finding ways to distract myself from writing my novel. I clicked on the tab for NaNoToons, and from there I discovered NaNoWriMo: The Musical. I watched the first episode, and then the one after that.

A month later, I found myself watching the final episode of NaNoWriMo: The Musical. There was a link to a geek band called Debs and Errol. Of course, I clicked on it, but nothing made any sense. I left a comment on the final episode, though.

I came back a few days later, and then this huge “Choose Your Own Adventure” comic came out. I didn’t know who the characters were or what the plot was, but I still clicked through many different scenarios, curious about what this Debs and Errol Geek Band was.

I made my first comment on the website under a comic about Errol’s kids, I think. Errol was saying that his kids were growing up so fast, his eldest almost a teenager. I tried to give him some advice, saying that it’s always important to be there for your kid and to remind him/her that you love him, since the teenage years are a bumpy ride. Errol responded, saying that he remembered me from when I made a comment on the NaNoWriMo video.

And that was the beginning of my two years with Debs and Errol.

Many things have happened in those two years. Errol celebrated his 42nd birthday, and the whole fandom (yes, I’m calling it that) had a huge celebration on the website that consisted of singing and birthday messages. I met Errol (and Manda, his friend) and his family in Toronto. Unfortunately, Debs wasn’t there, since she was out working on a farm. Debs and Errol released their EP, CTRL + ALT + DUETS, filled with many striking parodies. Debs became Internet famous with her vocals in “Make It So,” the parody of “Let It Go.” And then, of course, there was the December hiatus followed by the dreaded announcement: the band was retiring.

I remember when Debs and Errol did a livestream concert on YouTube. I like to go back and watch it and listen to the smooth tones of Debs and the lovely banter of Errol. The thing about it being live, though, was that the quality of the songs and everything was just… better. Even though it was over YouTube, everything seemed more relaxing and comforting. My favorite song on the livestream was “Wheatley,” which smoothed over to “Still Alive.” For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what this song was called, this lovely song in Debs’s high range. I immediately fell in love with it, and I would just replay that segment of the livestream over and over, trying to figure out what the song was. When I finally figured out that it was called “Wheatley,” I looked it up on the Debs and Errol Wikia, and I fell in love with the lyrics and the song even more. (Debs and Errol would soon release the studio version of Wheatley, which can be found here. It’s not as wonderful as the live version, though.)

And now, January 2015, here I am, sitting in my bedroom. Last week, exactly one week ago, Debs started up a Facebook chat with me. She started by saying that she wanted to tell me something, and I just had this gut feeling that she was going to say that the band was breaking up. And unfortunately, this was the case. It wasn’t the ending I was prepared for, and it wasn’t the ending I wanted, but I was happy to have been able to witness the amazingness of Debs and Errol. It was a bitter sweet ending.

The next day, the official announcement came out. And honestly, there was just so many emotions coming out. Many people were sad, but everyone treated it as a bittersweet ending. That night, I listened to their music, and then all the feelings came pouring out.

I was sad. Sad that I would never hear another new Debs and Errol song. Sad that I would never have another Debs and Errol album. Sad that I will never see Debs and Errol live in concert, in person. I couldn’t cry, though — the music was just too jovial, too happy, too Errol-ly for me. (Errol-ly (adv.) — the state of being an Errol: happy, joyful, and free-spirited.)

And then here we are today. Now that I reflect back on the farewell of Debs and Errol, I realize that I will miss them way more than I have ever expected. I guess I never realized how much the emotions in the songs affected me. It’s finally hit me that the band has broken up, and now there’s only one thing left to do: cry.

I’m not a geek. I still have only watched the first episode of Star Wars. I have never watched a single episode of Star Trek. I haven’t read a single book of Harry Potter, nor have I watched a single Harry Potter movie. I’m not into PC gaming like others are into. And maybe I shouldn’t have been a fan of a “geek” band.

But Debs and Errol were more than just a geek band. The fandom was a community. Debs and (mostly) Errol were hilarious on Twitter. And who can forget the daily webcomics that showed us that Debs and Errol were human (and not undead crawlers) and were living lives like the rest of us. Most importantly, Debs and Errol provided music to the world, and this is one of the greatest gifts that anyone can give.

So with that, farewell, Debs and Errol. Thank for you all the memories, the laughs, and the tears (which we tried to hold back from all those tears). Thank you for the music.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “One week later: Farewell, Debs and Errol

  1. This was beautiful, Meli. You remind me of my own teen years as an aspiring writer… and it appears that you live in L.A., no less, so we are from the same hometown. Me thinks this is destiny.

  2. Great and fitting tribute and remembrance!

    And, a fellow L.A. member as well.
    Perhaps we can hold a Debs and Errol reunion in the future. 🙂

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